Living The Muslim Life

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  • Living the Muslim Life
    • The Six Beliefs of Islam
      • Al Qadr: Omnipotence and Omniscience of Allah
      • Malaikah: Belief in Angels
      • Nubuwwah: Belief in Prophets
      • Tawhid: Oneness of Allah
      • Authority of Kutub: Holy books, Psalms, Torah,Gospel,Quran
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    • Nature of Allah
      • Omnipotent: Allah is all powerful
      • Transcendent:Allah is above and beyond human understanding
      • Beneficence: Allah is caring and loves his creation
      • Immanence: Allah is close and involved  in the world.
      • Mercy:      Idea that Allah forgives  those who have done wrong
      • Tawhid : Acceptance of Allah as one God.
      • Fairness and  Justice:    Idea  Allah is fair and just and created the world in a fair way


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