Muslim Attitudes to Euthanasia

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Muslim Attitudes to Euthanasia

For Muslims euthanasia is always wrong.

  • Human life is sacred because it is given by Allah
  • Allah chooses how long each person lives
  • It is part of a Muslim's duty to care for the sick and elderly
  • Suffering is a test of faith and part of life
  • No one knows Allah's plans for his creation and humans should not interfere
  • Euthanasia is seen as suicide which is not permitted
  • All human life is valuable even if a person is suffering

Muslims believe they should trust their lives to Allah and life is a test which determines their afterlife. If they try to end their life, they may end up in Hell rather than paradise.

'No one dies unless God permits' (3:145)

Some Muslims allow terminal patients to choose not to continue with medical treatment if it is causing hardship or family distress. Some Muslims would agree with turning off a life-support machine if nothing further can be done.

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