Lipids- Saturated and unsaturated

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  • Lipids- Saturated & Unsaturated
    • Unsaturated
      • In unsaturated lipids, the hydro carbon chain doesn't lay flat, it has kinks in it
        • Saturated lipids do have double bonds between the carbon atoms. This what causes the kinks in the hydro carbon chain
          • Unsaturated fats have a weak inter-molecular bonds because they don't lie flat or close together
            • Unsaturated fats are not solid. For example, sunflower oil
    • Saturated
      • In saturated fatty acids, the hydro carbon chain is long and straight
        • Saturated lipids don't have any double bonds between the carbon atoms meaning that they contain the maximum number of hydrogen atoms
          • Saturated lipids have strong inter-molecular bonds because they lie flat and straight
            • Saturated fats are solids. For example, butter and lard
    • Mono-unsaturated= lipids that have one double bond between two carbon atoms in each fatty acid chain
      • Poly-unsaturated= lipids that have more than one double bond


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