Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939

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  • limitations/restrictions and losses imposed on Germany.
    • Military cut
      • The army was limited to 100'000 men.
      • No heavy artillery
      • Navy
        • Limited to 6 battleships
        • 6 cruisers
        • 12 destroyers
        • 12 torpedo boats
        • No submarines
        • The rest of the fleet was destroyed.
      • No airforce was allowed. the last one was destroyed.
      • The Rhineland - the german land which bordered France was dematerialised.
    • Other losses
      • The 11 German colonies in Africa and the far east where given away.
      • Reparations cost 136,000 marks (£6.6 billion)
    • Land
      • Alsace and Lorraine where lost to France.
      • Eupen and Malmedy were lost to belgium.
      • Posen and West Prussia were lost to belgium.
        • This put a million Germans under Polish rule.
      • Upper Silesia voted to become part of Poland.
      • Northern Schleswig decided to become part of Denmark.
      • The german port of Danzig was made an international city.
      • Overall Germany lost:
        • 10% of its population and 13% of its european territory.
          • All its overseas properties and investments.
        • Almost 50% of its iron and 15%of its coal reserves.


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