Lifespan Changes in Sleep

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  • Lifespan Changes in Sleep
    • Infants. -Sleep a lot, 16 hrs/day. -Bigger proportion of REM sleep, 50% at first. -Don't have a regular pattern of sleeping and waking
    • Children. - Amount of sleep drops to 10 hrs. -REM sleep is a total of 25% of sleep. -More likely to suffer sleepwalking and bedwetting.-Sleep utopia. -'Lark' chronotpye
    • Adolescence. -Sleep less than during childhood. -'Owl' chronotype, sleeping and waking later
    • Adulthood and Old Age. -Sleep less, eventually Stage 4 and REM may disappear. -Sleep apnea are as high as 40% by the age of 65. -Sleep quality drops and person often naps during the day
    • Research
      • -Most research is done in sleep labs, artificial, lacking EV. Real life sleep patterns may be more complex
      • -Cultural differences in sleep patterns. Research found that Asian teens sleep less than Europeans; can't assume this research applies to all cultures
      • -Some research suggests that people slept in two periods, sleeping, then waking, then sleeping again
      • +Research has been very well replicated but there are still large individual differences


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