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  • Libertarianism
    • Definition (incompatibilism): This theory claims that we are morally responsible for all our actions and are free to make choices
      • It's also called "incompatibilism," because it is incompatible with determinism.
    • We are completely free and nothing is determined in any way.
    • Some philosophers rejected the idea of determinism as it ruled out any individual moral responsibility and also because people feel they have got the freedom to act and to be self-determined.
    • Cause and effect is not relevant, as determinists suggest, because moral actions are the result of individual character and values being applied to ethical concerns.
    • Hume: "By liberty, then, we can only mean the power of acting and not acting according the determinations of the will."
    • There is no compulsion to act, so every choice is free.
    • As we chose the course of action we must be morally responsible for the action and choice.
      • Example:


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