Sexual Ethics (A2 OCR)

Sexual ethics and the ethical views of them.


Sexual Ethics - The Ancients.

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Sexual Ethics - The slightly less ancient and the

  • St. Paul - Negative view on sex. Recomends celibacy as a more holly state. He acknowleges that celibacy is not for all and warns that for those who cannot manage to stay celebate then they should marry rather than "sin and risk damnation."
  • Most churches say that marriage is the norm. And that homosexual sex, masturbation, aldulterty and sex outside marriage are all wrong.
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Sexual Ethics - Christian view.

The christian modern day view:

  • Purpose of marriage is fidelity to one another. (fides) Procreation (proles) and union of the parties (sacramentum).
  • Purpose of sex influences what the christians see as allowed and not allowed.
  • Puposes decided through scripture and natural law.
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