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A past paper question I did and sent to my teacher. This is my answers with the teachers comments. 

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Explain why liberalism is pluralist. (10)
Pluralism promotes a wide dispersal of power among groups thus creating diversity and
choice. Liberals emphasis on the individual and their own version of the good life can be
properly explored within a pluralistic democracy. Mills states that individuals have the rights
to experience and embrace experiments in living and the role of the state as a neutral
umpire allows this. The state does not favour a particular group and thus elitism does not
occur. Moreover, liberals support pluralism as it safeguards individualism as it creates debate
and aids understanding. Individuals follow their own version of the good life; liberals generally
disagree with Aristotle's view that the state should create virtuous citizens. The state should
not decide what an individual classes as virtue. Pluralism tests the truth against rival
concepts of reality allowing individuals to make their own conclusions. Pluralism also creates
an accountable government as power can be moved through elections if abused. This allows
individuals to flourish as they chose who governs then and they have the power to chose a
different representative group if displeased. Liberals are generally advocates of toleration as
it allows pluralism to flourish. By tolerating a range of groups and preferences, individuals can
reach a goal of autonomy and self development. In the UK today pluralism flourishes within
the political system shown by the selection of political parties and pressure groups. Arguably
the UK does not tolerate some groups such as extremists or child abusers.Although
pluralism has spread through society, the liberals were the first party to suggest civil
partnerships for gay couples showing its roots of pluralism and toleration.
Very good Faith. I can't fault this ­ it should be worth 9 or 10! Nice blend of concepts ­
pluralism ­ individualism ­ experiments in living and toleration. Well done.

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Liberalism is closely associated with the promotion of human rights and
the promotion of constitutional reform. Discuss. (30)
Individual rights are at both the centre of liberal philosophy and liberal party politics. From
the days of classical liberalism, Locke discussed natural rights. The libertarian strand of
liberalism with Nozick focuses on entitlement rights. The modern day Liberal Democrats
state `the protection of civil liberties are at the heart of our purpose and philosophy'.…read more

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£10M the parties would become more equal and there would
not be, in theory, and elitism in the political party system. Allowing individuals greater voting
choices. Liberals have typically wanted to maximise the freedom of the individual and
separate powers from above in order to do so. Constitutional reform allows greater
accountability to be placed on government, preventing, in theory, tyrannies or abuse of
people from occurring.…read more


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