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Explain why liberalism is pluralist. (10)
Pluralism promotes a wide dispersal of power among groups thus creating diversity and
choice. Liberals emphasis on the individual and their own version of the good life can be
properly explored within a pluralistic democracy. Mills states that individuals have the rights
to experience…

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Liberalism is closely associated with the promotion of human rights and
the promotion of constitutional reform. Discuss. (30)
Individual rights are at both the centre of liberal philosophy and liberal party politics. From
the days of classical liberalism, Locke discussed natural rights. The libertarian strand of
liberalism with Nozick focuses…

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capping annual donations to £10M the parties would become more equal and there would
not be, in theory, and elitism in the political party system. Allowing individuals greater voting
choices. Liberals have typically wanted to maximise the freedom of the individual and
separate powers from above in order to do…


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