‘Liberalism is hugely influential in British politics, moulding the value systems and policies of all the mainstream political parties.’ Discuss.

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  • ‘Liberalism is hugely influential in British politics, moulding the value systems and policies of all the mainstream political parties.’ Discuss.
      • tories are reactionary and have had to react to the rise in liberalism with One Nation Conservatism
        • One Nation Conservatism shares liberal values such as tolerance and welfare  due to paternalism and creating equality of opportunity
        • Cameron wanted to change the Conservative image of being the "nasty party". he also formed a coalition with Lib Dems
      • Has hugely influenced the Labour party who have shifted from Democratic Socialists to Social Democrats
      • The New right has taken classical liberal values such as individualism and a limited state
      • Labour
        • rise of anti-Semitism in the party
      • New Right
        • Thatcher and her "victorian values,
        • Social authoritarianism
      • LABOUR
        • CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM: devolution to disperse powers, HRA 1998, EEC referendum1975.
        • Beveridge Report implemented by a Labour government
        • Changing Clause IV- a shift away from common ownership and towards private enterprise
      • New Right
        • Right to Buy scheme encouraged individualism
        • Privatisation - made £20 bn worth of sales by 1980.
        • Thatcher's dogmatic monetarism of not intervening in recession
      • One Nation Conservatism
        • Pupil premium - equality of opportunity
        • Crackdownon tax evasion under coalition
        • Allowed immigration to rise to 300,000 -internationalism
      • Labour
        • No change to electoral system as they were unfairly doing better in FPTP
        • IRAQ WAR: opposed by liberals
        • Nationalisation of the "commanding heights of the economy under Atlee
      • Conservatives
        • Theresa May sending airstrikes to Syria without parliamentary vote.
        • Cameron held an EU Referendum
        • Theresa May's hostile environment and wind rush scandal
        • Theresa May wanted search engines to direct ppl away from ***********. Clegg said govt should "keep their nose out the bedroom"
      • New Right
        • section 28- social authoritarianism
        • Falklands War- unnecessary and was only for patriotism
      • Core values of liberalism: tolerance, pluralism, internationalism, individual liberty
      • These values have influenced both the policies and values of mainstream parties
      • This is because parties are trying to target centre-ground, floating voters to be in office.
      • Social liberalism has had the greatest impact on mainstream parties, both in their value systems and policies.
      • New Right under Thatcher was heavily influenced by Classical Liberalism


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