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    • derives from TOLERANCE
      • all individuals possess equal worth
        • Therefore all their IDEAS, RELIGION, LANG, & CULTURE are of EQUAL WORTH
          • True of 'vulnerable people'
            • EG: immigrants/asylum seekers
          • People shouldn't attempt to force their ideas on 'vulnerable groups' or any other group in society
        • possess the right to autonomy and to make own rational decisions
          • Unless their actions specifically harm others all views and behavior should be tolerated even if they are considered unwise or undesirable
      • argues against ASSIMILATION and INTEGRATION
        • Host society - not allowed to insist that the new arrivals embrace every form of the host culture and identity
          • As long as all residents obey the laws of the country - have a right to practice their religion and foster own culture
        • Liberals in UK believe that an 'open society' which offers freedom of expression
          • will allow practices that are sen as inadvisable to fall away as a result of competition from new ideas
            • Explains the mutually incomprehensible attitude in UK and France to wearing the hijab to schools by Muslim girls
              • UK: matter of individual choice - decision of autonomous individual
                • As long as it conforms to general regulations regarding school uniform and health and safety laws - its an issue of personal choice guaranteed by the principle of toelration
              • France: seen as an assault on republic values of the separation of the state and religion
                • the preservation of these values overrides any issue of individual rights
                • French liberals argue that wearing these garments is symbolic of individual subservience to religion and womens oppression the individuals concerned CANNOT be making a free choice
              • DEBATE has exposed SERIOUS TENSIONS within LIBERALISM that
                • toleration Cannot be extended to intolerant activities
                  • liberal justificaition for prohibition of acts of racial discrimination and racially abusive language and publications
                  • Similar hostility to practices judged to be intolerant are now being applied to a number of cultural practices in some migrant communities
                    • EG: issues surrounding marriage, dress codes
                      • esp. dress codes relating to women
                      • Since the decline in the use of 'demure clothing' - headscarves, veils and long dresses in Europe & N. USA since WW1
                        • assumption made that this clothing MUST be an expression of reactionary patriarchal values imposed on women
                          • Attitude of liberals: whatever people do int heir own homes (PRIVATE sphere) in public life they have no right to impose anti individualist pratices
                            • Eg: MARRIAGE is a civil (and thus public) event as well as a religious one
                              • Therefore no one has the right to impose anti individualist practices (EG: forced marriages) on anyone else


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