The Decline of the Conservative party

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  • The Decline of the Conservative Party (1901-1906)
    • Arthur Balfour (1902-1905)
      • Terrible leader, it was said he only became PM thanks to his uncle, Lord Salisbury
    • Boer War (1899-1902)
      • National Efficiency
      • Highlighted the poverty in the country, and showed the conservatives couldn't deal with it
    • Education Act 1902
      • Made religion more important in schools, which alienated non-conformists
        • Increased support for the Liberals
    • The Taff Vale Judgement (1901)
      • Workers went on strike against the Taff Vale Railway Company for batter working conditions
      • The Conservatives supported the company
        • Lost them support of the working class
      • Increased support for Liberals and working class
        • Lost them support of the working class
    • Tariff Reform (1903)
      • Joe Chamberlain (conservative)
      • Plans to copy US and Germany and put tax on imports
      • Would have raised the price of food (stomach tax)
        • Opposed by working class + Liberals


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