Levels of protein structure

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  • Levels of protein structure
  • 4 levels
  • Primary
    • order of  Amino acids
  • Secondary
    • the twisting of chains/ hydrogen bonds between 2 Amino acids
      • 2 types: chain either takes shape of an alpha helix or the shape of a beta-pleated sheet
  • Tertiary
    • bonds between functional groups
      • takes on bends  + folds
  • Quaternary
    • interaction between polypeptide chains
    • hemoglobin is a good example : has 4 polypeptide chains that interact
  • Protein's shape influences its activity
  • hydrophobic valine in 1 chain attracts another in another chain
    • causes the protein to twist in unnatural ways
  • Glutamic acid
    • has an electrical charge + hydrophilic
    • non polar + hydrophobic valine
  • hair
    • made of keratin proteins linked together by bonds
  • red blood cell
    • contains hemoglobin which binds with O in our lungs
      • normal hemoglobin has a molecule of glutamic acid at the 6th position on its polypeptide chain
        • if the primary structure of hemoglobin is changed, it can cause a disease + affect the protein's function
    • shaped liked squashed bread rolls




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