Lennie - Character Revision

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  • Lennie
    • Animal-like
      • Foreshadows fate as most animals in the novella end up dead.
      • "snorting into the water like a horse."
      • "Lennie dabbled his big paw in the water."
    • His disability is his mental difficulties.
      • Lennie is simple minded.
      • "The follower nearly ran over him."
      • Lennie is very clumsy.
      • This leads to him being very child-like.
        • Has to get his own way, despite the situation they are in.
          • "I like beans and ketchup."
        • Very vulnerable.
        • "I thought you was mad at me George."
          • Always wants to be the innocent one.
      • Lennie doesn't have common sense.
        • "Let's have colored rabbits George."
    • Lennie is very strong!
      • He is capable of carrying more barley than the average man.
        • "Strong as a bull."
        • "God awmighty, I never seen such a strong guy."
      • Broke Curley's hand.
        • But this was accidental as Lennie is very innocent and harmless.
          • "He ain't a mean guy."
          • "Poor *******."
    • Really wants the 'dream ranch' to come true.
      • Lennie likes to be reminded about the ranch he dreams of with George.
        • "Come on George. Tell me. Like you done before. About the rabbits."
      • He wants to be able to tend the rabbits.
        • "When we get a coupla acres of land, I'll let ya tend the rabbits."
      • "An' live off the fatta the lan'. An' have rabbits."
      • Lennie's death is the end of the dream. All good things come to an end.
      • The dream gave Lennie hope.
    • Has quite a relationship with George.
    • Likes to pet things.
      • Lennie likes to pet small soft things.
      • His obsession with petting is a sign of danger because the petted animal usually gets killed.
        • Lennie kills a mouse, puppy and then Curley's wife.
      • George was going to buy Lennie a puppy because it wouldn't get killed.
        • Ironic - Lennie does kill a puppy.
      • "I like to pet nice things with my fingers."
      • Doesn't want to harm or cause pain.
        • "I didn' want to hurt 'im George."


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