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Of Mice and Men…read more

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Characters Summary
· George ­ Bitter, worried, serious, annoyed, weary and small.
· Lennie ­ Big, violent, childish, stupid, strong and like an animal.
· Carlson ­ Tactless, complaining, stupid, big, stirring and there.
· Curley ­ Anxious, insecure, restless, lonely, aggressive and angry.
· Crooks ­ Cynical, scapegoated, in pain, crippled, proud and at the
· Whit ­ Naive, enthusiastic, young, hopeful, brothel-crazy and
· Slim ­ Godlike, mysterious, detached, majestic, authority and
· Curley's Wife ­ Lonely, fragile, fed up, made up, `purty' and young.
· Candy ­ Old, friendly, lonely, one-handed, really old, weak.…read more

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Life on the Ranch
· It's a man's world with a definite hierarchy
· There's a strict timetable and it' very competitive
· You live to work, and you always know who the boss is.
· It's a fighting culture ­ the mob rules
The boss
George, Carlson and Whit
Candy, Crooks and Lennie…read more

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Shooting Candy's Dog
· Candy's old dog stinks
· Carlson persuades him to have it killed
· Candy reluctantly agrees and the dog is shot
· Slim has the authority to save the dog but does
· Candy is useless just like his old dog
· It's a cruel world on the ranch
· "I should've shot him myself" ­ reflects to
George and Lennie later on…read more

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To survive in 1930s ranches you needed: A good pair
of hands to work, a good pair of hands to fight.
Hands Survival of the fittest.
· Curley ­ `handy' small but an excellent boxer, keeps one hand soft for
his wife `one hand for loving another for fighting' and Lennie crushes his
fighting hand so he cannot fight anymore, making him less of a man.
· Candy ­ missing a hand (drawback to physical work) the only reason he
has a job is because he lost his hand on the ranch, if he ever got fired he
would be homeless and useless.
· Lennie ­ `heavy pendula hands', amazing for farmwork, love petting soft
things, don't know their own strength.
· George ­ small but `strong' hands, teamed with Lennie which
compensates his small hands, they make a perfect team.
· Slim ­ `large and lean' they're like those of a `temple dancer' they're
`delicate and respected'
· Curley's Wife ­ her hands are a part of her sexiness, polishes her nails,
hands on her hips. When demonstrating acting she does so with her
hands, they're about getting what she wants.…read more

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Names and Titles
· Curley ­ curly hair, tense and wound up like a spring.
· Slim ­ tall and elegant, like his name.
· Crooks ­ has a crooked back.
· Candy ­ Ironic name, nothing about his life is sweet.
· Whitey ­ he was the blacksmith obsessed with being
· Whit and Carlson are average guys "Whit" means the
smallest part and "Carl" means average guy.
· Curley's wife has no name yet she wants recognition
and attention. Even the prostitutes have a name but not
Curley's wife. She is merely someone's `wife' and has no
identity of her own.…read more

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