English language: CLA: learning to read

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  • learning to read
    • reading starts as a social activity (class, on the carpet, with parents, before bed)
    • images give contextual clues.
    • prediction based on overall shape of word
    • word decoding strategies- read each phoneme and run them together. use contextual clues (image), repeated patterns of words.
    • VYGOTSKY 1978:
      • 2nd order symbolism: link from word/sound to the object is arbitrary. words said are symbols for the object. can only happen when social concept is achieved.
      • ZPD: books must allow expectations to rise (e.g level of books), similar to reading to speaking but also reading.
      • young fiction (images) give information that is missing to help child decode something they didn't know like social elements.
      • reading facilitates vocab acquisition. supportive role from caregiver helps to push child to develop language.
    • key aspects of book
      • 1. match readers ability
      • 2. reading for purpose
      • 3. gender and inequality- boys less interested to read. important books match readers need- fulfilling purpose


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