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  • L'anti-sémitisme en France
    • La Querelle/  Arelka
      • Anti-Semitic feeling is not new.
      • Brief mention
    • L'Affaire Dreyfus
      • Political scandal that divided France 1894 to 1906.
      • Jewish  Captain Alfred Dreyfus accused of treachery.
        • Life imprisonment Devil's Island in French Guiana, spent five years, maintained he was innocent.
          • Evidence of innocence hidden by military.
    • La Rafle du Vel d'Hiv
      • 16th and 17th July 1942.
        • Raid and mass arrest of Jews in Paris by the French police.
          • Directed by Nazi authorities.
          • 13,152 Jews sent to  Auschwitz for extermination.
      • French President, Jacque Chirac apologises in 1995 for role of French police and civil servants.
    • Mohammed Merah
      • 7 killed and 5 injured.
        • 3 soldiers.
        • 3 children and an adult at a Jewish School in Toulouse.
    • Charities
      • Le Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France.
        • Opposes anti-Semitism and policies that they see as anti-Jewish.
    • Dieudonné
      • Controversial French comedian, actor, and political activist.
      • Initial success with Jewish comedian, Élie Semoun, exploiting racial stereotypes.
      • 27th December 2013 French Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced he would consider 'all legal means' to ban Dieudonné's public meetings.
    • Le Quenelle
      • Popularized by Dieudonné.
        • Interpreted as an 'inverted Nazi salute' and an expression of anti-Semitism by Jewish leaders, anti-racism groups as well as public officials.


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