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Religious Language

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  • Language Games
    • Advantages
      • Highlights 'non-cognitive nature'.
      • You can be initiated into new games.
      • Provide boundaries for correct usage of language.
      • Truth is relative, dependent on context.
    • Weaknesses
      • The Rules of the Game can't be changed to let outsiders in
      • Doesn't allow claims to be Empirically Tested
      • Religion Alienates those outside the Game
    • Language
      • Not Universal
      • Non-Cognitive
      • All Forms of Life have their own rules.
    • Ludwig Wittgenstein
      • Anti-Realist, 'God' doesn't Exist
      • Postmodern Era
      • Language is only true for those in this Form of Life
    • Players
      • Language can be used correctly/ incorrectly, not true or false.
      • Each Game has it's own 'Criteria of Coherence'


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