Wittgenstien and Language Games

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Influential philosopher of the 20th century

Born in Vienna to a wealthy family

Studied engineering in Berlin

Studied woth Bertrand Russell in Cambridge

Words came from the language games that determines them

A words meaning comes from the context it is spoken in

Words perform a function nor just signify an object

Famously compares the way language works with a game of chess.The rules in chess state jpw tje pieces move, however if you were to talk of the queen or pawns outside of thwe lanuage game of chess it would not make sense. The rules of syntax and grammar function like those of a game of chess. To say it is a sunny day in English would make sense however outsied eog this language game such as in spanish it would not make sense.

He used language games as a way of expressing the idea that words only make sense in the contxt of the background of other words that belong to the same language game. They can only be meaningful if used appropriately. You cannot escape the language agme as they are in reality. His lanuage games do not refer to language as a whole but in ways that language is used.

In philosophical investigations he implies that language games concerns expressing semsations story telling kokes thanking asking givign and…


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