Language devices

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  • Language Devices
    • Alliteration
      • The first letter or sound of a word is repeated in words that follow
      • Emphasises the words used
    • Emotive language
      • Use of words to create a specific emotion
      • Draws an emotional response from the reader
    • Anecdote
      • "Short story" used as background information
      • Draws an emotional response from the reader
    • Assonance
      • Repeat of the same vowel sound
      • Emphasises the words used
    • Hyperbole
      • Exaggerating for literary purpose
      • Used to emphasise a point
    • Tone
      • The feeling that pervades the text
      • Gives a specific feel to the text to draw an emotional response from the reader
    • Imagery
      • Comparing something "real" with something "imagined"
      • Creates a picture in the readers mind


Chris Whelan


This is a 'KISS' approach and will help learners who cannot grasp the principle of literary devices - something to build on!



really good!!!



really helpful thank you 

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