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  • Labour Party
    • History
      • founded in the early 1900 from the trade unions
      • formed to secure representation of workers
    • New Labour under Blair 1997-2007
      • Part of new re branding of labour to modernize it involved a change in polices
      • 1997 - 419 seats, including that of the Speaker, giving the party a huge majority of 179 in the House of Commons.-
      • Clause IV case
        • Blair changed the clause iv, , a set of ideas and beliefs from the labour party on business, he recreated a new one that ignored the key labour belief of state ownership.
    • Labour with Jeremy Corbyn
      • Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Leader of the UK Labour Party in September 2015
      • it was initially a suprise for him to be elected and last
      • prior to being party leader he was the most rebellious mp from 1997-2010
      • old labour poltician so has pledged to bring back old labour policies


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