uk party system

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  • UK party system
    • two part system
      • two parties have a realistic chance
      • regularly alternate in power
      • UK had a two party system since WW1
      • 2010 Coaltion- need to examine alternative explanations
    • multiparty system
      • more than two parties have a chance
      • coalitions are the rule
        • coalition- combination or allience
      • proportional representation
        • seats in proportion to the votes
      • rise of liberal democrats
        • suggests UK is becoming multi party system without reform
    • dominant party system
      • opposition parties banned outright
      • one party stands a realistic chance
      • e.g labour party 1997-2010
    • other party systems
      • wide variations throughout the country
      • devolved institutions
        • based on different models of proportional representation
      • if institutions become more powerful
        • impact on Westminster system
      • UK elections to European parliment
        • proportional representation
        • produced multi party system


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