La Zona Key Quotes

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  • La Zona Key Quotes
    • "They broke into Mercedes house and killed her"
    • "There were three of them, one got away"
    • "I have to go too Daniel, I killed the guard"
    • "How much will it cost us to get you off our backs"
      • "Please just tell someone Miguel is dead"
    • "Is that your dad?"
    • "No he's not, he's corrupt"
    • "We have to fix this ourselves"
    • "That ******* is capable of anything"
    • "We have to defend La Zona"
    • "Didn't you buy your special status to avoid the riff-raff?"
    • "I voted the way I did because the police are useless"
    • "They're hiding something"
    • "What's wrong with you"
    • "The police are asking for you"
    • "It's a different world"
    • "I want to know what happened"
    • "If we're not under arrest let us go"
    • "I'm not going to let those *******s humiliate me"
    • "We're all ******"
    • "How will I explain why we live behind a wall?"
    • "For once I thought I was doing the right thing"
    • "How much did you get for my sons life?"
    • "My name's Alejandro"


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