Kyoto Protocol 1997 Success and Failures

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  • Kyoto Protocol 1997
    • Failures
      • (1) Not ratified by the USA in either Clinton or Bush administration
        • Allowed for other states such as China and India to refuse
        • Largest emitter as 25%
      • (2) Wasn't legally binding for developing states
        • China overtook USA in emissions by 2008
      • (3) Generally failed to realise goal of preventing ...
        • 'Dangerous anthropogenic interference in the climate system'; regional organisations such as EU have done a much better job
  • Successes
    • (1) Succeeded in more than its predecessor the 1992 Rio Earth Summit
      • 37 developed states ratified
        • A further 137 developing states ratified
    • (2) Was also legally binding
      • Targets aimed to significantly reduce carbon emissions of EU and USA specifically
    • (3) 'Flexibility mechanisms' of the targets brought in 'emissions trading'
      • Carbon was now a commodity, allowed for target reaching to be easier
    • (4) Brought in consensus on 'mitigation and adaptation' as opposed to no action at all


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