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  • Kristallnacht
    • Who?
      • Josef Goebbels gave the official order.
      • 17 year old Polish Jew.
      • Ernst Von Rath (a German official).
      • ** and ordinary Germans.
      • Jewish communities.
    • What?
      • A 17 year old Polish Jew killed Ernst Von Roth in Paris due to the treatment of German Jews.
      • Hitler was upset: Goebbels made a statement encouraging Germans to violently take revenge on Jewish communities.
      • Pogroms occurred all over Germany: synagogues burnt, Jewish shops attacked and many Jews rounded up and sent to concentration camps.
    • When?
      • 9th - 10th November 1938.
    • Where?
      • Paris (shooting)
      • Pogroms occurred in German towns and cities.
    • Why?
      • A 17 year old Polish Jew shot a Nazi German official in Paris, France because of the persecution of Jews in Germany.
      • A way to attack the Jews.


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