Jewish persecution 2

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  • Jewish persecution 2
    • The Nuremberg Laws, 1935
      • The Reich Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honour
        • No Jew must marry a German citizen
      • The Reich Law on Citizenship
        • Jews must wear a yellow star-shaper patch sewn on clothes for ease of identification
        • Jews cannot vote, have a German passport or work for the government
        • Only those of German blood can be citizens
        • Jews must become subjects/citizens
      • A new set of laws passed to make it easier to persecute Jews
    • Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass), 1938
      • 7th November - 17-year-old Polish Jew entered the German embassy in Paris and shot a German
        • 8th November - Goebbels used the event to stir up resentment against Jews by attacking homes and synagogues in Hanover
          • 9th November - Goebbels and Hitler decided to increase the violence to a nationwide attack
            • 9-10th November - Groups of uniformed and non-uniformed gangs ran amok amongst Jewish communities, destroying and burning home, shops, businesse and synagogues
      • 100 Jews killed, 814 shops destroyed, 171 homes destroyed, 191 synagogues destroyed
      • Consequences of Kristallnacht
        • Goebbels blamed the Jews for starting the trouble on Kristallnacht and ordered to pay damaged. Jews - fined 1 billion marks


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