earthquake from more developed country- Kobe

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  • Kobe
    • Kobe, Japan
    • 17th Jan 1995
    • early hours of the morning
    • 7.2 richter scale
    • destructive plate boundary
    • Awaji island epicentre focus
    • Cause
    • Secondary effects
      • fires engulfed parts of the city
      • homeless people slept in cars and on the streets
      • damage cost $220 billion- economy suffered
      • companies such as panasonic had to close temporarily
    • Primary effects
      • approx 6,500 people dead
      • 40,000 people seriously injured
      • 300,000 homeless
      • havoc caused in city's infrastructure
      • gas mains ruptured
      • elevated roads collapsed
      • railway lines buckled
    • Immediate responses
      • people searched through the rubble for survivors
      • hospitals struggled to cope, treating and operating on people in corridors
      • motorola maintained telephone connections free of charge
    • Long term responses
      • 80% railway operational within a month
      • road networks mostly operational by July
      • new building were built further apart to avoid the domino effect
      • high-rise building had to have flexible steel frames and rubber blocks put under building to absorb shocks
  • fires engulfed parts of the city


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