Edexcel Geography Case Studies Unit 1

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Restless Earth

Plate Boundaries:

Conservative: San Andreas Fault, USA

Constructive: Mid- Alantic Ridge, Iceland

Destructive: Andes Mountains 

Collision Zone: Himalayas

Volcanoes in Developed World: Sakurajima, Japan

Volcanoes in Developing World: Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa

Earthquakes in the same region compared: Niigata, 2007 and Kobe, 1995

Earthquakes in the developing world: Sichuan, China

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Climate and Change

Global Warming in a Devevloped country: United Kingdom

Global Warming in a Developing country: Egypt

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Battle for the biosphere


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Water World

Chronice water shortage - The Sahel, south of the the sahara desert

Highest levels of water pollution in developing countries - India and China

Highest levels of water pollution in developing countries which has been improved - Japans's lakes

Overabstraction - Thames Valley in Southern England

Natural lakes drying up - Lake Chad, Africa

Reservoirs - Graftham Water

Large scale solutions - Dams - Hoover Dam or Three Gorges Dam, China

Small scale Solutions - Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Coastal Change and Conflict

Concodant Coasts - Lulworth on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset

Discordant Coasts - South West Ireland

Coasts eroiding very rapidly - Christchurch bay - Barton-on-sea

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Extreme Climates

Extreme Climate - Austallia

Underground - Coober Perdy, south australlia 

Badly affected by drought, deforestation etc - Siguin Vousse

Badly effected by climate change - The Sahel

Who is most vunerable to effects of climate change - Africa

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