Psychology Kiecolt Glaser

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  • Kiecolt- Glaser IMMUNITY
    • Independent Variable
      • Whether you're in the control group (1) or caregiver group (2).
    • Procedure
      • 2 matched pairs groups
      • Volunteer sample
      • Caregivers who looked after a relative with Alzheimer's for at least 8 years scored higher on the perceived stress scale
      • Small wound on forearm made using punch biopsy- could study immune system healing time
      • Wound photographed often and regularly observed reaction to hydrogen peroxide
    • Dependent Variable
      • The time it took for the wound to heal.
    • Findings
      • Time taken for the wound to heal was longer for caregivers
      • Healing time average: 48.7 days for caregivers. 39.3 for control group.
      • Caregivers had a larger average wound size
    • Untitled
    • Conclusion
      • The findings show that high levels of psychological stress can damage the functioning of the immune system
    • Hypothesis
      • Psychological stress can cause damage to the immune system.


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