Features of the UK constitution (Coaxall & Robins, Lord Norton)

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  • Key Features
    • Coxall and Robins
      • Responsible Government
        • which is both strong and accountable with both collective and individual ministerial responsibilit
      • Constitutional Government
        • based on accepted rules and conventions of behaviour
      • Representative Government
        • based on election
      • Parliamentary System
        • with a Prime Minister
      • Party Based Government
        • which reflects an open competitive political system
    • Lord Norton
      • Parliamentary Sovereignty
        • Parliament is supreme with ultimate power
      • The Rule of Law
        • the rule of law is essential to a free and fair society
      • A Unitary State
        • power is held by a single body, 'the Queen in Parliament' but realistically just Parliament
      • Parliamentary Government Under a Constitutional Monarchy
        • The role of the House of Commons as the embodiment of the nation and its will


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