TWIB Key themes

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  • Key Themes of The Woman In Black
    • The Supernatural
      • ‘There was no sign at all of the woman in black’
    • Family
      • Stella + Joseph
        • 'Stella, my own dear Stella'
        • 'As proud as any parents could be.'
      • Jennet  + Nathaniel
        • 'I shall kill us both before I let him go.'
        • 'desperate, clinging affection'
        • ‘He is mine, mine, he can never be yours’
      • Esmé + Kids
        • 'enjoyed all the exuberance of young puppies'
    • Revenge
      • ‘I have seen the ghost of Jennet Humfrye and she has had her revenge.’
    • Children
      • 'enjoyed all the exuberance of young puppies'
      • ‘As proud as any parents could be’
      • (see Family section)
    • Isolation
      • 'Eel Marsh House is far from any neighbour.'
      • ‘When the tide comes in, you’re cut off until it’s low again’
    • Obscurity
      • ’the fog had scarcely allowed any daylight to penetrate’
      • ‘Thick sea-mist’


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