Key Study: Harlow

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  • Key Study: Harlow
    • 3. What they measured
      • How much time they spent clinging to the surrogate mothers
      • How much time they spent crying when the surrogate mother was removed
    • 2. Method
      • Harlow used monkey
      • He placed them in a cage where they had two monkey looking sculptures.
    • 1. Hypothesis
      • If learning theory was true. The monkeys should have been attached to the monkey that was feeding them. Which was the wired monkey.
    • 4. Results
      • The monkeys did NOT display any attachment to the food-giving wired mother.
      • The monkeys displayed attachment behaviour towards the soft cuddly mother.
    • 5. Conclusion
      • This refutes learning theory because this shows that we need comfort not only feeding.


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