John and terrirories.

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  • John's loss of territories.
    • Loss of moral authority.
      • Married Isobelle of Angouleme.
        • She was only 13 which was frowned upon.
        • She was already engaged to Hugh de Brun, Count of  Lusignan
        • John being a vassel of Phillip should have asked for his permission to marry and that  he didn't and that she was already engaged led to Phillip confiscating all their French lands.
      • Allegedly John killied his Nephew, while holding him prisoner, in a drunken rage then tossed his body in the seine in 1203.
        • Paints john as an irresponsible and reckless king.
      • Johns issues with the papacy lead to England being put under Interdict 1208-14
        • This meant that there were no ceremonies by the church etc. and would have deeply upset the greatly religious population of England.
    • Military mistakes and developments.
      • John didn't act straight away.
        • In 1202 when Phillip started taking Johns lands on the continent, Maine and Anjou, and making inroads into Normandy john should have jumped in immediately to stop him before he built up a strong base there.
          • Means once, Phillip has Normandy in 1204, John spends the next 10 years building up the resources to get it back.
            • However he does prep well to return to Normandy. Gains Otto of Brunswick and the Holy Roman Emporer as allies. rasies taxes, sells offices and privialges.
      • John looses Baronial respect and support.
        • Deserted by his Poitevin vassals in the south.
      • faced an awful defeat at the battle of Bouvines  1214, after spending so long preparing to take back Normandy this loss is the wost thing.
        • As a result faces Political protest in England, Baronial revolt 1214-15 and Magna carter in 1215.
        • However does have a rapid and effective military success against Phillip and Arthur in 1202.
    • Richard had put a massive financial strain of England with the crusade and his ransom.
      • Had commited John to a lot of spending projects, and spent a lot building castles etc. e.g. Chateau Gaillard.
    • When Eleanor had died then Johns hold on Normandy weakened greatly as Phillip was no longer obliged to stay out of it.


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