King John's Reign

The different events which took place during King John's reign.

Character, Reputation and Background

Traditional View: 'Bad King John' - Cruel and arbitary
Comtemporary View: 'Lackland' and 'Softsword' - bad fighter and couldn't hold onto his lands

1166 - born
1186 - made Lord of Ireland but only lasted a few months
1189 - rebelled with Richard against Father
1193-94 - rebelled against Richard

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Consolidating Power

1. Despite Arthur's claim to the throne, John establishes himself as King of England and Duke of Normandy in 1199.

2. In 1200, he signs the Treaty of Goulet with King Philip II where he is acknowledged as heir to Angevin Empire in return for severing ties with Flaunders and Touloose.

3. Marries Isabella of Angouleme in 1200, stregthening his power in Aquitaine.

4. When he war breaks out in 1202 against Arthur and Philip, John is initally successful.

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The Loss of Normandy

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Baronial Rebellion in 1215

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John's Style of Government

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John and the Church

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Magna Carta

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