Joe- Chapter 1/2 Quotes and theories

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  • Joe
    • Chapter 1
      • 'Transformation was absolute' Instinctual (due to the situation?)
      • 'like lovers' shares an experience with Parry (reliability at later stages of the book?)
        • 'towards Jed Parry'
      • 'enormous ballon filled with helium' uses science to deal with stressful situations (Throws it up?)
        • 'Ruthless gravity' personification of science?
        • 'freak physical law' looks to science to answer his problems like he would a religon
      • 'begin to feel emotionally exhausted' doesn't have trouble with emotions bur with too much of it
      • 'warmth and tranquility in her voice' comforted by Clarissa's presence
      • 'large, clumsy, balding fellow who could hardly  believe his luck' doesn't see much of himself and thinks that Clarissa is too good for him
      • 'It was my duty to hang on' strong moral character with a strong sense of duty ('the child was not my child')
        • 'I am not prepared to accept it was me' Needs the reassurance that he is the strong moral character
      • 'a cartoon' 'Dr Logan' tries to impersonalise  the experience
    • Chapter 2
      • 'Best to slow down' past memories are upsetting and needs to regain control of the narration
      • 'sorrow seemed a long way off' pumped with adrenaline , still a need to do something more
      • 'third person' taken himself way from the experience
      • pg 19 last paragraph. Male stance needed to be strong and masculine  and in charge
        • 'I would deal with one at a time' treats people as problems that need to be solved
      • "There's always a chance" Gives hope to himself and to others
      • 'a tight two short' Joe feels that there is no need for anyone except him and Clarissa. TV instead of realism
        • 'claiming to know Clarissa's state of mind
      • 'Perhaps it's life we are really wondering at' has to analyse and conclude (a form of protection)
  • 'sorrow seemed a long way off' pumped with adrenaline , still a need to do something more


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