Enduring Love, Chapter Two

Brief language, form and structure notes on the events occuring in chapter two of Enduring Love

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  • Enduring Love: Chapter Two
      • "He [Jed] looked like a dog about to be punished'
        • Suggests Parry will be, like a dog, loyal to Joe later on in the story
      • 'suggest to a naked eye the illusion of the extinguished spark, or the simple departure of a single necessary element'
        • Like fire, humans need oxygen, fuel and heat (amongst many other things) to live, thus telling the reader that this spark has 'extinguished confirms John's life is no more'
    • FORM
      • Narrative perspective
        • Joe
      • Sentences
        • 'Best to slow down'
          • This quote is followed by longer sentences (in general), slows down pace of story
          • Could suggest Joe is trying to come to terms with events, talk about it with more rationality
    • THEMES
      • Science VS Religion
        • [About Jed] 'too mired in relative judgements'
          • One can presume Joe will find him irritating as, unlike Joe, Jed doesn't think with reasoning and scientific theory


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