Jekyll and Hyde overview of plot

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  • Jekyll and Hyde: plot analysis
    • Chapters one to three
      • Mr utterson and Mr Enfield walk past a neglected building on their usual sunday walks.
      • The neglected building reminds Enfield of a crime witnessed one morning very early, involving Mr Hyde and a small child.
      • Enfiled explains what happened that night, and how him and other people made Hyde pay about one hundered pounds.
      • Enfiled recalls that he went into the building and came out with a cheque signed by Dr Jekyll. Enfiled thought it was forgery or blackmail but in the morning, when he went with Hyde to cash the cheque, it was genuine.
      • Utterson, a lawyer who is dealing with his friend Jekyll's will, is concerned, as it leaves everything is being left to him in the case of his death or 'dissapeaance'
      • He goes to see Lanyon, another friend of Jekyll's to find he has fallen out with him. Lanyon, who is perceived to be very knowledgeable has never heard of Hyde.
      • Utterson has a nightmare with Hyde and decides to meet him. He immediately dislikes him and he discovers that the neglected building is the laboratory to Jekylls house. This makes him believe that Jekyll is being blackmailed.
      • Utterson attends a dinner party thrown by Jekyll, and he questions Jekyll about the will. Jekyll asks him to drop the matter and makes utterson promise to do whats instructed on the will.
    • Chapters four to five.
      • A year later, a maid witnesses the murder of Sir Danvers Carew by Hyde, and Utterson takes police to Hyde's home in Soho, where they find remains of the cane he used to kill him.
      • Hyde seems to have disappeared.
      • Utterson goes to see Jekyll, who looks very ill. He claims that no one will never see Hyde again, and produces a letter so support this.
      • However, Utterson is concerned to find out from Poole that no letters had been delivered to the house that morning
      • It is only when Guest points out the similarity in Jekylls and the letters hand writing that Utterson suspects the letter is false.
    • Chapters six to eight
      • There is still no sign of Hyde, and Jekyll begins to return to his normal self agin, although a few months later, he begins to return to his seclusion again.
      • Utterson visits Lanyon who is very ill. He says he is going to die and he regard Jekyll as dead.
      • Jekyll writes to Utterson saying he cannot see his friends again. Lanyon dies and leaves behind a letter fro Utterson to be opened after Jekyll's death or disappearance.
      • Enfield and Utterson walk past Jekylls house and see him sitting at the window. they invite him out, but a sudden look of terror washes over him and he runs away.
      • Poole comes to uttersons house as he is worried about Jekyll. They go to Jekyll's house but when they try and talk to him, the voice that responds sounds like Hyde.
      • They break in, find Hyde dead on floor having poisoned himself. theres  letter to utterson, saying he should read Lanyon's letter then read Jekyll's confession.
    • Chapters nine and ten
      • Lanyon's letter explains how Hyde took the potion infornt of him and turned to Jekyll and the shock of this killed Lanyon.
      • Jekyll's confession says he had accidentally transformed into Hyde in the park and had seeked help in Lanyon to get him the ingredients needed for his potion.
      • Jekyll says he came from a respectable family but he was ashamed of his darker side. so he decided to create a drug that allowed him to transform into his purely evil side.
      • As time went on, he lost control of when he was turning into Hyde and eventually, he ran out of drugs, which meant he would be left as Hyde permenantly.


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