1. Story of the Door

  • Utterson and Enfield take a walk
  • Story told of Hyde trampling a young girl
  • Hyde makes Enfield uncomfortable but he's not sure why 

2. Search for Mr Hyde

  • Jekyll's will says everything must go to Hyde
  • Lanyon and jwekyll have fallwen out over science
  • All servants of jekyll must obey Hyde - Foreshadowing

3. Jekyll was quite at ease

  • Jekyll holds a dinner where Utterson tries to question him about the will (Jekyll says he "can be rid of Mr Hyde" whenever he wants)
  • IN CHAPTER 10: we find out that 10 months after this Jekyll wakes up as Hyde without taking the potion - so he lives as jekyll for 2 months, longing to be Hyde again he transforms and kills Carew
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4. Carew mudrer case

  • a maid recounts the murder
  • Carew is presented as innocent ans therefore Hyde attacks him for no reason - more shocking 
  • Utterson leads police to Hyde's house - he's not in but his landlasy answers the door, she has an "evil face, smoothed by hipocrisy" - parallels (apperance vs reality)

5. Incident of the letter

  • Jekyll is agitated by the murder and is determined to be rid of Hyde, swearing to Utterson they will never see him again
  • Jekyll says he recieved a letter from Hyde, but Utterson shows it to Guest who realises that the handwriting is very similar to Jekyll's - furhter convincing Utterson that Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll

6. Remarkable incident of Dr Lanyon

  • We find out (IN CHAPTER 9) Lanyon sees Jekyll turn into Hyde - leaving an envelope for Utterson to open on the death or disappearance of Jekyll
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7. The incident at the window

  • jekyll talks to Enfield and Utterson from his window, when a look of "abject terror and despair" comes accross his face - so Enfield and Utterson leave in a tate of shock

8. The last night

  • Poole visits Utterson because he is worried about Jekyll - who appreas to be crying from inside a room
  • Poole thinks jekyll has been murdered
  • They find Hyde's cpntpred body inside the room but no sign of Jekyll

9. Dr Lanyon's narrative

  • Lanyon explains how he watched Jekyll turn into Hyde, and how his life as "shaken to its roots"
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10. Henry Jekyll's full statement of the case

  • Jekyll was concerned with how other people viewed him, leading him to have a more serious appearance than he really felt
  • he was "tempted by pleasures" but wanted to hide his sims - he wanted his bad side to be evil without being held back, and he wanted his good side to be good wihtout feeling guilt 
  • Jekyll begins to feel a "leap of welcome" for Hyde, as whom he feels younger and mroe relaxed
  • After waking up as Hyde without taking the potion, Jekyll hates Hyde and sees him as unnatural
  • there is a sense of inevitable horror as the reader knows that Jekyll will be completely taken over by Hyde and he will die
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