Her First Ball

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3rd person narrative

focused on leila's thoughts

free indirect speech

dialogue and sensor detail 'like the sleeve of an unkonown young man's dress suit'

prehaps her first real partner was the cab' personification.

'past waltzing lamp-posts'she is excited about it and she thinks of everything as part of the dance.

she's looking at everything in great detail.

she's naive 'little satin shoes chased each other like birds'

'a great quivering jet of gas lighted the ladies room'

'the noise was deafening'

she didn't want to go at first but that feeling had gone

she is still nervous

'even the little quivering coloured flags strung across the ceiling were talking' personification

'how heavenly; how simply heavenly' she is naive and thinks everything is good.

'because they were all laughing it seemed to leila that they were all lovely' she thinks that just because they are having fun they are all nice.


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