Jay Gatsby

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  • Jay Gatsby
    • Rose from an impoverished childhood to being fabulously wealthy
      • Motivation for becoming rich.
        • Daisy
          • Met Her as a young Military man in Louisville
            • Lied to her about his background-Felt unworthy to her.
              • She promise to wait for him when he went off to war. However she married Tom Buchanan in 1919
                • Gatsby therefore wants to win her back.
                  • Holds lavish partys
                    • Has a very a gaudy mansion on West Egg
                  • Has a very a gaudy mansion on West Egg
                  • Devoted to her
                    • Romantic Hero
                • In getting Daisy he can prove to himself he belongs to the upperclass
          • Very shy when he finally meets her
            • Comic
      • Participated in organized crime.
        • Bootlegging
        • Meyer Wolfsheim
          • Connected with New York's underworld
          • Shady, mysterious
        • Gets calls from Chicago and Phillidelphia
          • Places associated with crime in the 1920s
      • Self made man
    • Real Gatsby
      • Naive
      • Innocent
      • Hopefull
        • stakes everything on his dreams
      • He has a dream an vision of Daisy that is unrealistic and  which she can not fufil
        • This breaks down revealing how wealth and money are linked to corruption
      • Loyal
      • Good Hearted
      • Wilson and him are similar in the way they both lose out to Tom
    • Introduced chapter 3
      • First/Original Impressions
        • Aloof, Enigmatic Host
          • Surrounded by rumours at the party
          • Lot's of gossip about him in New York
            • Catherine, Myrtle's sister tells him rumours she heard.
        • In chapter 1
          • ''Secure position of his feet''
          • ''Come out to determine what share was his of the local heavens''
            • Nick sees him as controlling and powerful, not unlike Tom Buchanan.
              • ''Secure position of his feet''
          • Mysterious and strange
            • 'he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way'
      • First impressions very different from real Gatsby.
        • Love sick
        • Naive
          • Blinded by his love for Daisy
        • emotional guy
      • We realise later in the book Gatsby has reinvented himself
        • Real name James Gatz
        • Has an extraordinary ability to  change his hopes and dream into reality
          • This is why he is referred to as 'Great'
            • Ironic as no one comes to his funeral
            • Daisy unworthy of his adoration
          • He is like an illusion
    • Dies at the end of book, killed by Wilson
    • Hero and main focus of the book


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