Jaws- themes

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  • Jaws - themes
    • Isolation
      • Quint, Hooper, Brody all on boat together alone
      • quint breaks radio- no contact with people on land . this foreshadows future problems (deliberate act of isolation)
      • Shots of sea- diserted
        • Shark is isolated
      • Set on island - invasion of teritorry
    • Family
      • Brody (kills shark)
        • Protective
        • focaliser
        • close to his family
          • child scene- boy gets killed by shark
            • dramatic irony (we know its going to happen before the character does)
              • He feels helpless - feels responsible / guilty - he was jumpy and didn't feel comfortable on the beach at the start.
                • he shouldn't have let them on the beach- boys mum blames him
        • every ones  main support


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