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All That Heaven Allows/Far From Heaven Comparison

Made: ATHA - 1955   FFH - 2002

Genre: Melodrama 

Setting: ATHA - Set in 50's (it's modern day) FFH - Set in 50's (it's past)

Scenes -


 Beginning, Party (exclusive), Party (inclusive), Kay crying, Ned anger, Introduction to family, End


Beginning, Garden, Museum, Sara, Pool, Homosexual scene, Party, Black bar, End 

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All that Heaven Allows/ Far From Heaven Issues 1.

Racism - FFH -  When Sara is hit by a rock due to white boys 

When little boy goes into pool and everyone gets out

Raymand in the art Gallery 

Meaning: Racism has no age 

Social Class - ATHA - Exclusive Party

Ron career compared to deseased husbands

Meaning: Prejudism towards lower classes are evident 

Alcholism - FFH - Beginning 


              ATHA  - Party

Meaning: Causes men to be voilent and recless, while women are seen as snobish

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All that Heaven Allows/ Far From Heaven Issues 2.

Womens Rights: - FFH - Frank goes around with other men, but when Cathy is seen with Raymand (in a friendship manner), it isn't acceptible 

ATHA  Cary had the choice to 'choose' a suitable man, or stay at home watching TV

Meaining: Man are seen as superiour to women, Women are not allowed to do the same things as men

Homosexuality - FFH - The secret affair

    The Gay Bar 

    The Psychologist 

Meaning: Was seen as a illness that could be cured, homosexuals couldn't come out freely withou fear of losing job

Consumerism ATHA - Television scene - trapped by TV

Domestic Abuse - FFH  - Party 

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All that Heaven Allows/ Far From Heaven Themes

  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Loss
  • Lonliness
  • Society 


Issues                       Themes

Racism                     Love.

Women Roles          Relationships
Consumerism          Loss
Class                      Lonliness
Alcoholism              Society 
Domestic Abuse     

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All that Heaven Allows/ Far From Heaven Context


Racism - discrimination, poorer education and health

Homosexuality - illigal, seen  as desease, loss of job

women's roles - house-wife, unequal relationships

modern day 

racism and homosexuality - less of a concern, more equal but still exists

Womens Roles- more equal however still slightly unequal in some professions 

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