Dirty Pretty Things 2002

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  • Dirty Pretty Things
    • Directed by Steven Friers. (2002)
    • Characters
      • Okwe- from Nigeria
        • Protagonist- he is a doctor, he is caring(he goes out of his way to help taxi drivers), strong morals, intelligent, 'are you hear for me' 'no I am hear for the people the system let down', he is wiling to be in noble cause corruption(braking law for believed greater good), he is dressed as if he cannot afford fitting clothes
      • Senor Juan- hotel manager
        • He has the power of identity as he is an EU citizen. Exploits immigrants.
      • Shenia
        • Muslim girl, relationship with Okwe, faith fades away at end ('what would your god say' 'my god doesn't listen to me anymore'), want/need to belong breaks her faith and maybe need for Okwe, exploited vs. exploiter and power(theme),innocence/naivety(doesn't want to be associated with Okwe, innocent face, had the American dream, she would give up the life she always wanted for Okwe
      • Juliet- prostitute
      • Antagonist-Senor Jaun, sweat shop owner, immigrant officers(formal clothes that aren't scruffy-shows lazy, bias, lowers status, makes audience question characters motives), society wont allow these people to belong
    • themes are belonging, identity and family
      • They are immigrants so are more vulnerable as they feel they don't belong- this makes them easier to manipulate
      • Family- the immigrant community they support eachother
      • physical   border they crossed and are know stuck            Passport- freedom
      • Society is able to exploit these people but it doesn't effect the audience as they are not immigrants.     Changes the audiences perception of people and makes them appreciate they don't have to live like Okwe and Shenia
    • 'we are the people you do not see. We are the ones who drive your cabs. We clean your rooms. And **** your *****.'
    • 'for you and me Shenia there is only survival'
    • Once you achieve the belonging status you are no longer part of the family and can become an exploiter


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