Jane as a Conventional Heroine

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  • Jane as a conventional romantic heroine
    • Jane's strong-willed nature
      • defies social conventions of most women in the Victorian era
        • Stood up to John Reed and teachers at Lowood
      • Desperately wants to become a teacher
    • Helping others
      • Wishes to provide for Rochester instead of relying on him
      • Helps Rochester when he falls off his horse
        • He later deceives her by pretending to be a worker
      • Stays with Helen Burns through her sickness
        • Jane does this despite the knowledge that she will probably be reprimanded for doing so
    • Allowing herself to be abused
      • The Reed family
        • is belittled by them, i.e, being forced to sit apart from them
      • Mr Brocklehurst
    • St. John vs. Rochester
      • refuses St.John's proposal because she knows it will not make her happy
        • won't settle for anything less than what she deserves


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