issues of gender bias in psych

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  • issues of gender bias in psych
    • gender bias: distortion in attitudes and beliefs based on our prejudices or pre-existing ideas concerning gender
    • bias broken down into 2 subtypes
      • Alpha bias
        • exaggerate the differences between men and women
        • likely that published literature exaggerates the extent of gender differences in behaviour
        • Freud: assumed male behaviour was the standard for all behaviour, female behaviour is then a deviation
          • genders were emphasised in he oedipus complex
      • Beta bias
        • differences between men and women are minimised or ignored
        • males and females are often used as participants in the same experiment, typically no attempt to analyse data to see if there are any significant sex differences
      • androcentric bias
        • bias in favour of males
        • where males are seen as the norm. focused on mens behaviours and experiences
        • linked to beta bias
    • overcoming gender bias ( worell and remer 1992)
      • 1. gender free: view men and women in similar physiological make-up
      • 2. flexible: use ideas that can apply to individuals or groups of any age, race, gender or sexual orientation
      • 3. interactionist: recognise multiple influences on persons behaviour
      • 4. lifespan: assume behaviour can change at anytime rather at specific times
    • Wilkinson 1991: argued theories often exclude women. comparing women to male norms.


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