Issues in Cold Environments

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  • Issues in cold environments
    • Valuable resources attract development
      • whales, seals and fish
      • Minerals e.g. gold in Canada and Alaska
      • Oil e.g. Prudhoe bay, Alaska
      • Tourism e.g. Antarctica
      • HEP
    • Why are cold environments  fragile?
      • short growing season - difficult to recover from damage
      • Plants & animals are adapted so cannot change if conditions change
      • Low temperatures so pollution breaks down slowly
    • How does development damage the ecosystem?
      • Fishing : food chains affected, overfishing, bottom trawlers catch unintended species
      • Oil: spills in transport & from pipelines cause pollution,
      • HEP: blocks fish migration & heats up water
      • Tourism: cruise ships causes pollution, roads & hotels can  reduce biodiversity
    • How has development affected the locals?
      • Traditional peoples : Vuntut Gwitchin of Canada rely Hunting caribou, fishing,
        • Many natives killed by newcomers diseases.
        • Overfishing reduced number of fish for locals
      • Young people forced to leave to look for jobs
    • How is development made more sustainable?
      • National Parks:tourism whilst protecting the environment
      • Fishing quotas
      • oil pipes shut off valves to minimise oil spills


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