ISSUES AND DEBATES - Ethical implications

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  • Ethical implications
    • Social sensitivity
      • PPs in the research. Their friends and family could be effected by research consequence
      • researcher could be effected - effect in institution
      • groups impacted by social-sensitive (sub-cultures and sub-groups with certain religious / political beliefs)
      • def: any research that might have direct social consequences for the  participants in the research or the group that they represent
      • SIEBER AND STANLEY - used the term social sensitivity to describe studies where there are potential social consequences for the participants or the group of people represented by the research
    • Research examples
      • BOWLBY - monotropic theory led to Britain being one of only countries in the EU to not offer free childcare under the age of 5
    • Need to consider:
      • implications
      • use (research may be used as an advantage for something else)
      • impact on public policy
      • availability of research
    • Types of ethical issue relating to ** research
      • PRIVACY: some more info that PPs were willing to give may be shared. This may be an invasion of their private life (eg. AIDS research)
      • CONFIDENTIALITY: PPs will be less wiling to take part if confidentiality is breached
      • VALID METHODOLOGY: media and public may not be aware of poor methodology. Poor results may shape important social policy and be detrimental the group participating
      • DECEPTION: research may lead someone to form untrue stereotypes, effecting their performance
      • INFORMED CONSENT: PPs may not comprehend what is involved in the study
      • EQUITABLE TREATMENT: all PPs should be treated equally and resources are not withheld from a particular group (eg. educational opportunities)
      • SCIENTIFIC TREATMENT: researcher has duty to engage in research but also must not harm PPs or institutions
      • OWNERSHIP OF DATA: problem of ownership: sponsorship of data (eg. university) and therefore publication of data
      • VALUES: ethical issues when clash in objective and subjective approaches, scientist and recipient of data
      • RISK / BENEFIT RATIO: risks & costs should be minimised but benefits should should also be weighed up against this


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