themes- isolation in the woman in black

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  • Isolation in 'The Woman In Black'
    • Arthur feels trapped on Eel Marsh because  the casueway isnt always there, and he cant get away as easily as he would like to sometimes
      • 'The only thing was to get back to Eel Marsh House,to light every light, hoping against all reason that this would be seen, like a light-ship, by someone, somewhere, in the countryside around'
    • Crythin Grifford is a small market town in the country, but there is a lot of hustle and bustle to hide facts about Eel Marsh
      • Big Contrast for Arthur to cope with
      • 'It seemed scarcely larger than an overgrown village'- The Funeral of Mrs Drablow
      • 'back to the wind' & 'tucked in' could reflet the fact that resients try to ignore whats right in front of them- ie the Woman In Black and what she does...
    • Eel Marsh House is on an island
      • Only approachable at certain times of day
      • 'It would quickly be quite submerged and untraceable'- Across the Causeway
    • The graves at Eel Marsh are no longer in use
      • Something must have happened that the Drablow's garveyard was no longer in use...
        • 'The area is no longer in use.. the area is unsuitable' The Funeral of Mrs Drablow




really good for my English project hooked on horror I have chosen to read the woman in black novel and this mind map was extremely useful for my notes and writing pieces. Thank You

Paul Dutton


A useful guide to one of the important themes in the novel.

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