Of Mice and Men : Loneliness Quotes and Analysis

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Here are the quotes I plan on using in my English Lit Module this summer (well, if the corona virus doesn't prevent that from happening that is) if the theme question is about loneliness. These quotes could also be used iterchangeable with a few other themes. 

Curley's Wife 

  • 'Think I like to stick in that house alla time?'
    • This provocative rhetorical question conveys her geuines feeling of isiolation and frustration of constant loneliness. 
    • Also shows that Curley could be the root cause of her loneliness as he is trapping her in the house and she is always running away from him, and grows 'apprehensive' when he is near. 
  • 'Red Mules' 'Red Fingernails' 
    • She is clearly not dressed for the hardworking ranch. She is more likely to be dressed to impress (can be linked with the 'dream' theme. She dresses like a film star), however the ranch workers think that her aim is to lure them into trouble (can be paired with her flirtatious behaviour towards them). This is emphasized by the fact that she is wearing red, a colour that had connotations with danger. This deters the ranch workers, in fear that Curley might harm them, causing her isolation. 
    • Only woman on the ranch (more isolation)


  • 'Had him so long' 
    • Alludes to G nd L's friendship, emphasizing the strong…


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