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  • ISA - 'the effect of pH on the time taken for amylase to hydrolyse starch
    • about amylase
      • found on salivary glands
        • and pancreas
      • class - carbohydrase
      • hydrolyse starch into maltose
        • Maltose = two glucose
    • Starch
      • mixture of two polysacharides
        • Amylose and amylopectin
        • Both composed of long chains of a glucose
          • Linked together by glycosidic bonds
            • formed in condensation reactions
      • when digested...
        • broken down to maltose by amylase
          • maltose is broken down into a glucose by maltAse
      • Main energy storage in plants
      • insoluble in water
        • so it doesnt cause water to enter cells
    • Test for starch
      • Iodine - if starch is present it will go blue/black colour
    • Hydrolysis
      • Involved in chemical digestion
        • polymers in food are insoluble - cant be directly absored into blood stream
      • Process of breaking something down into smaller pieces
        • does this by adding water
      • catalysed by digestive enzymes


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