It is not a Two Party System

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  • Is not a Two Party System
    • Fifty Party System
      • The two parties are not that united or organised and disciplined at national level and no national leadership because the party that lose the Pres. election doesn't have an official leader
      • Democrats in the south are very different from Democrats in the North East
      • Democrats might control the Senate and White House and Republicans might control the HoR but this is in the different branches have very little in common
      • Republicans have tended to be more moderate in the Senate than in the House
    • Third Party Challenges
      • Ross Perot who got 19% of the vote in 1992 and got 8% in 1996
    • Two Parties are Identical
      • The two parties are so similar in their views and ideas that they are just one party masquerading as two
        • Today people argue that the two parties have become more polarised and distinct in their ideas
    • Pressure Group Challenges
      • Two party dominance has been challenged by the growth in pressure groups and Americans are more likely to be involved with them than the parties
    • One Party States
      • Some states are almost one party states because they are completely dominated by one party
        • Texas = Republican North East and West Coast = Democrat
    • No Party System
      • It is the individual candidates who matter more than the party they represent so parties have become irrelevant
      • Increasing number of independent voters who do not identify with any party
      • Split ticket voting in elections shows that people are voting more for the person not the party


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